Today I went from http to https.

Today I went from here (http): no cert to (https:) :



Thanks to Troy Hunt in providing the instructions. That post was written in Sep 2013. I had to conduct a few trial and errors to get https working for my site.


My blog ( ) is hosted on Azure site ( I have pointed to Visit the excellent PluralSight course by Troy Hunt on how to do this.

I have used to obtain the certificate for I used the free option. Firstly create a login. will ask you to verify yourself by emailing you a verification code. Use the verification code to generate a client certificate for your browser and import into your browser. ( In google chrome , I used the import certificates option in advanced settings). Once that is done revisit and click on authenticate.


To create a new certificate, I used the certification wizard:


Next, I validated the domain (a verification code was sent by to my domain email address.)


I then used the PKI system to generate the private key. Saved that password :).GeneratePKI.PrivateKey

The submit button then generated a private key. I downloaded Private Key as ssl.key.

Once that was done, I created the certificate, which was� issued immediately.

I download the zip ( file which containted the certificate, the intermediate certificate and the root CA certificate. There is also an option to� retrieve the issued certificate at “Tool Box” – “Certificate List” .

Next I generated the pfx (Microsoft Azure requires a pfx file) file using the Tool Box. Used the same password as one for the Private Key. Pasted the contents of “ssl.key” in the private key text box� and the content of “” in the certificate text box.


This generated the PFX file, which I downloaded and the used in Microsoft Azure portal, under custom domains and ssl.

That’s it. The certificate is valid for one year. Thank you

[Update] : Images were not being displayed in Google Chrome under https (and rightly so, however IE11 played along). Updated Settings in WordPress general settings :

WP general settings