New Year’s resolutions don’t always seem to stick, when you visit them in February. So this year I’ve waited till the end of January to make mine. I was inspired by this post The Ultimate Guide to your best year ever which breaks it down real nice. Here are a few gems:

  • decide this will be your best year…ever. Will you do your life’s work (programming) starting this year?
  • adopt a growth mindset, adopt an abundance mindset, adopt a mastery mindset
  • “Who do you need to become, to be the kind of person you want to be?”
  • “Who do you want to be, and what experiences do you want to create?”
  • Word for the Year: Epic
  • Daily habits, set Goals and Inspired actions
  • A attitude of Gratitude
  • “Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much of Today” - Will Rogers

What a fantastic post, and it is written by none other than J.D.Meier of Getting Results the Agile Way fame. I purchased that one a while ago.

Also this post by Scott Hanselman Advice to my 20 year old self helped especially:

  • Avoid drama, in relationships and friends
  • Network your butt off. Talk to everyone nice.
  • Make sure they aren’t transactional networkers
  • Nice people don’t keep score
  • They generously share their network
  • And ask for nothing in return but your professionalism

My own catch phrases are:

  • Smile
  • Calm Down
  • Let it go
  • Be nice

In short order, in 2020 I will focus on getting fitter, study with deliberate practice and become mindful of my work life balance. I’ve got plans…